Music 2012

Song of the Lakes, 7PM

“A band that’s not afraid to show its emotions.”Song of the Lakes Benzie Water Festival

Meet Song of the Lakes. A band that’s not afraid to show its emotions, as they belt out sea shanties, seduce you with a sultry Brazilian melody, or break your heart with a bittersweet ballad.

The band made itself a name with sea shanties and Irish melodies in the early 1980s, but its range has widened enormously in the 25-year span the band has been together. They’ve delved into acoustic rock, Latin, jazz, and what they call Great Lakes World Music.

No matter what you decide to call the band’s music, you’ll love the revival quality that runs through all the songs. Their music is uplifting and transcending. It will take you to a different place, and you’re probably going to want to stay there. The band members—Lisa, Rick, Mike and Ingemar—live the good life and sing the praises of the gorgeous Great Lakes. When they say, “25 Years of Joy,” they mean it from the depths of their deep blue hearts.

The band has five recordings to its credit, all with a mix of original and traditional songs.

The Faux Grass Quartet, 12:15PM & Afterglow Party

Faux Grass Quartet Water Festival

The Faux Grass Quartet plays 12:20PM at the Frankfort-Elberta High School and at 10PM at the Cabbage Shed in Elberta on April 14th. Photo by Meryl Estes.

The Fauxgrass Quartet’s riveting originality has quickly landed them a place in the progressive bluegrass community since their 2010 inception. With a fresh, playful, and heart-felt approach to traditional music, Faux Grass Quartet’s performances seem to freely flow between genres with truly enjoyable instrumental communication.

The current members consist of Adam Balcer (guitar, vocals), Tim McKay (bass, vocals), Joey Schultz (banjo, vocals) and Jason Wheeler (mandolin, vocals). They have toured extensively through the mid-west and northeast coast, as well as establishing themselves as a regular presence in the Michigan music scene. They’ll be releasing their debut album in the winter of 2011/2012 and are continuing to build momentum as their unique songwriting and fun performances find enthusiastic reception around the region. FQ’s creative approach to a familiar musical style is a breath of fresh air, and something worth experiencing for the acoustic music lover.

Listen to the Faux Grass Quartet and learn more about them here!

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