Are you interested in helping to protect Benzie County’s natural resources, feature your unique business, and promote our beautiful county?

If so, please consider becoming a partner of the Benzie County Water Festival. Partners will help promote, staff, facilitate, run booths or workshops, or bring a special skill or vision to the event.

The event is organized and staffed by volunteers, but if you wish, you may make a contribution that will help pay for facilities, musicians, food, promotions, and all of the necessary ingredients that make a festival successful. We wish to recognize our partners in a multitude of ways. We focus attention on our partners through printed material, by verbally acknowledging their commitment and contributions on stage and on the Internet.

We wish to affiliate ourselves with organizations that share a common vision in protecting Benzie County’s water resources.

2011 Water Festival Partners

  • Benzie County Solid Waste and Recycling
  • Benzie Shores District Library
  • Crystal Lake Art Center
  • MLUI
  • National Bass Anglers Association
  • Studio on Main
  • Trinity Lutheran Church
  • Benzie Calendar

Click here for our Partnership Letter (Adobe PDF)
For more information, please email:

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