Chris Dorman Performance(s) in Benzie County

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: We haven’t had a musical component to the Water Festival for a few years, so we decided to splurge and bring Chris Dorman in to perform, all the way from Vermont!

Chris is a former Michigander, an Earthwork Musician, founder of Music For Sprouts, and most recently, he’s got his own show for kids on Vermont Public Television! (Think Mr. Rogers, but on a farm and out in nature!)

Chris has a great presence and a way of connecting audiences of all ages to the idea that we are all special and worthy of being cared for — and that the Earth is special and worthy of being cared for, as well!

We’re so excited to be bringing this talented musician and storyteller to Benzie County — stay tuned for when/where you’ll get to see him perform during our 9th annual Benzie County Water Festival week in February!

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