Morning Yoga with Sarah B Louisignau

Festival Warm-Up: Morning Yoga Sarah Louisignau

The Water Festival is pleased to offer a morning Yoga session with Sarah Louisignau the day of the festival (March 19, 2011) at 8:00 a.m. at the Studio on Main. Participants will have an opportunity to make a donation with proceeds going to the Water Festival.

Sarah Louisignau’s Yoga Bio

Morning Yoga with Sarah B LouisignauYoga to me has been balancing and transformative, and coming from the perspective of an athlete I feel it brings grace and balances overuse of certain muscle groups. Yoga has enriched my life in so many other ways, spiritually and emotionally, physiologically and physically. Yoga builds long, lean and efficient muscles, stretches connective tissue, and brings balance to any physical activity. From the perspective of yoga as therapy I have found the asanas, pranayama and the philosophy of yoga helps people move through trauma in a very unique way. I have begun to appreciate yoga’s therapeutic benefits, as I have experienced incredible personal healing. I am exploring yoga as a therapy for illnesses, trauma, abuse and other forms of human suffering.

I feel strongly about the power of community and individual mindfulness, self-inquiry, awareness; and the communication of discoveries found within. Yoga, to me, is so much more than asana. It is about connection with the self and finding the whole of the universe there. It’s about union of equal and opposite energies.

I describe my teaching style as a reflection of my students’ needs and desires. I have studied under many different teachers and styles including Vinyasa, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Yin, and Anusara. I feel I have the tools of creativity, intuition and knowledge to teach just about any group or individual dynamic. I have experience teaching children, adults, elderly, athletes, those recovering from injuries, those with emotional and spiritual trauma; beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

Visit Sarah’s website more information on Yoga and philosophy.

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